Our Activities

AniCLover Deluxe 2023

Our hometown anime con show, we packed the house during Fanime Con 2023 with an incredible lineup of DJs and music producers.

Anikura Unison 2023: Berkeley Countdown

In 2023, we grew our capabilities to hold live venue events in conjunction with larger streaming events. For New Year's eve, we held a venue event with a live audience in Berkeley featuring local DJs and producers from the Bay Area that was broadcast within the larger Anikura Unison 2023 charity stream.

Anikura Unison

This series of charity streaming events brought together a global community of DJs to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. Across 6 events since 2020, we've raised over $21,000 with the help of over 100 DJs from around the world.


AniCLover Omakase was a series of events we ran in 2022. We have brought together both our global community of online artists and our local DJ community to create a hybrid of online and local performances with a distinct menu of themes and genres. The menu concept allows us to introduce artists and concepts to our audience to help educate and deepen their knowledge and interest.

AniCLover Episodes

This series of performances in San Jose features local DJs and music creators and is held approximately quarterly. Operating since 2019, we provide the opportunity for artists to reach the local community and for the public to learn about anikura music and culture.

Weekly Shelter-in-Place

AniCLover Weekly Shelter-in-Place was a series of weekly online stream events run in 2020 and 2021 as a response to the global pandemic. This event series helped to provide a creative outlet for DJs and artists unable to perform live, and to provide an appropriate venue for our audience to participate in events while staying safe.